René de Heij

Probo Sign BV, Managing Director

Dokkum, Netherlands

Events with René de Heij:

René de Heij has a proven track record in the printing industry starting as a managing director at in 2012 and transitioning to Probo in 2015, where he joined founder Erwin Postma to take the company to the next level. The Probo platform caters exclusively to resellers in the market and connects them online to its state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing facility in Dokkum. Clever automation, an eye for talent and a desire to innovate have kept Probo among the fastest growing companies in the Benelux.

Join René and learn more about the key values and innovations that have lead to Probo's success and what he believes will lead Probo into the future. With an unending enthusiasm and dedication to the customer René faces the challenges of an exceptionally fast-growing online company under his motto: 'If you can't stand the heat, don't leave. Make the kitchen a better place.' ????