Dr. Peter Wülfert

German Paint and Printing Ink Association (VdL)

Karlstein am Main, Germany

Events with Peter Wülfert:

Dr. Peter Wülfert (Sun Chemical) is a chemist by education (Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg). He joined Sun Chemical, Germany in 1992 and focused on the development of sheetfed offset inks. Dr. Wülfert has held various roles at Sun including Group leader for Heatset development and application for the German market with extended responsibility for the development of sheetfed offset inks in Europe. He has a wealth of experience in the print marketplace having set up and led the combined central sheetfed development lab in France, after the acquisition of Coates Lorrilleux by Sun as well as additional responsibility for water-based coatings. Today Peter is Global Technical Director for oil based sheetfed offset inks and water based OPVs. In addition to his responsibilities at Sun, since 1993 Peter has been an active and influential member of multiple industry committees, working groups and associations in the German and European ink makers associations VdL and EuPIA.