Merete Willumsen Haugå

Hennig-Olsen, Marketing Manager

Events with Merete Willumsen Haugå:

Promoting passionate, meaningful and respectful brand management

When the market is changing more rapidly than you can blink, and the world seems more and more complicated, it’s hard not to feel a slight fear of being overwhelmed. Merete’s passion is bringing the attention back to essential meaning and creating strong connections between a brand and its audience – by appealing to emotions.

Her educational background includes a Specialized Master in Marketing and Communication from ESCP-EAP) in Paris, and a 4 year degree in Media Science and Communication from the University of Bergen, Norway. She worked in several design agencies in Paris before returning to her hometown Kristiansand to work for one of the largest ice cream manufacturers and brands in Norway; Hennig-Olsen. Here she has had the opportunity to participate in and lead numerous changes and developments through the last 14 years, including projects within corporate strategy and communication, reputation management and sustainability, product development, packaging design, branding and communication.