Marco Schmidt

Morphoria, CEO | Owner

Düsseldorf, Germany

Events with Marco Schmidt:

Marco Schmidt and Andreas ruhe are co-founders of the Morphoria design collective and permanent members of our studio in Düsseldorf. After studying at the University of Buenos Aires and Central Saint Martins college for art and design in London, both graduated with a major in communication design from the HSD University of applied sciences in Düsseldorf. Followed by working as freelance professionals Morphoria was initially founded in 2014 and is offering expertise in a multidisciplinary environment with a strong focus on visual identities. With a love for printed goodness and a passion for digital advances the studio is looking to enhance both worlds with the advantages of the other. Everything is better together <3 Starting out as a collective the Studio benefits strongly from sharing knowledge between the individuals and their diverse skill sets. Morphoria works hands-on and consults business clients like Telekom, Bosch or Burda Media and the cultural industries.