Frank de Jonge

adphos Digital Printing GmbH, Sales Director

Bruckmühl/Heufeld, Germany

Events with Frank de Jonge:

My printing career started 1992 in the office printing industry, where I was a member of the team that introduced one of the first laser-printers for office-printing. Soon I realized the environmental impact of printing and since 1997 my focus was to drive solution for environmental protection and waste reduction in the office printing industry. In 2006, in a phase where print-heads started to become powerful enough for industrial applications, I became member of a team that developed water-based inks for industrial inkjet-applications. During this phase, as more and more aqueous ink-applications entered the market, it became obvious that drying was a key element in the printing process. When in 2018 I was asked to join the adphos-team, it was a logical consequence of my career-path and now I have the pleasure to represent a company that designs and produces highly energy efficient, CO2-neutral dryers to enable further improvements and progression for environmentally friendly and even food-contact-compliant aqueous inkjet applications.