13:2014:00 21. Apr 2021
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touchpoint packaging

Use-case - A just-in-time print supply chain that connects brands and consumer

Session touchpoint packaging


Kristin Kain Strategic Advisor


Jan De Roeck Esko-Graphics BV, Marketing Director
Sebastian Hardung priint Group, Director of Alliances and Marketing
James Nelson Electronics For Imaging, Global Product Marketing Manager - Enterprise Packaging Software

In this online panel discussion, EFI, priint and Esko will draft a picture of a “best practice” packaging and print workflow supporting a creative loyalty program at the Dutch bakery “Voncken”: The Bakkerij Voncken loyalty program is engaging consumers to collect enough points to obtain polaroid-style pictures of their heroes at their favorite bakery which they can store at home in a branded luxury collection box. Join this webinar to learn more about the packaging and print supply chain and workflow technology behind the loyalty programm. Ensuring timely delivery of all the components drives consumer engagement – ultimately the main motor for business growth of the Voncken bakery.

Panellists: Jan de Roeck / Esko - Marketing Director

James Nelson / Efi - Product Marketing Manager Sebastian Hardung / priint - Director Alliances and Marketing