11:4012:00 22. Apr 2021
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touchpoint packaging

The Digitization of Packaging: How new printing technologies are changing the packaging landscape

Session touchpoint packaging


Andrew Manly AIPIA - Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association, Communications Director

Synopsis: Advances in printing technology, particularly digital printing is enabling packaging converters to create a whole new generation of Smart Packaging features for Brand Owners. These cover traditional elements, such as tamper evidence, through to advanced anti-counterfeiting, authentication and recycling features. Printed Electronics is also now more scalable and cost effective and printable NFC/RFID tags can offer sophisticated security, track & trace and consumer engagement opportunities. The presentation will map the development
and growth of printing for Smart Packaging - including the resurgence of QR codes - and what the future may hold. Examples of some of the latest technologies will be highlighted.

AIPIA is the only global information and networking hub for the Smart (Active & Intelligent) packaging sector. Since 2011 it has developed an ecosystem of 1800+ stakeholders including Brand Owners, packaging manufacturers, logistics and supply chain providers, retailers as well as smart packaging technology developers and providers. More information can be found at www.aipia.info