16:0016:20 21. Apr 2021
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Innovative Initiatives at University Graphic Communications Degree Programs in the United States: A Virtual Awakening


Prof. Luk Bouters Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, Dean
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Habekost Ryerson University, Associate Professor
Prof. Dr. Gunter Hübner Hochschule der Medien, Professor
Prof. Dr. Anastasios E. Politis HELGRAMED-Hellenic Union of Graphic Arts and Media Technology Engineers, Professor and Researcher


Prof. Dr. John R. Craft Appalachian State University, Professor of Graphic Communications Management

Living in the age of the pandemic has caused organizations to develop strategies so that conferences can continue with membership participation and involvement. The Graphic Communications Education Association conducted their first ever "virtual conference". Although onsite participation was preferred, the GCEA leadership decided to offer members a real time virtual conference that included speakers and workshops.