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Sustainable Inks and Coatings for Sophisticated
Print Products in the Circular Economy


Dr. Jörg-Peter Langhammer German Paint and Printing Inks Association (VdL)

Recycling – Sustainable Inks and Coatings for sophisticated Print Products
Honestly, who of us is not worried or even angry by the daily news about the current state of environmental pollution and global warming? Initiatives like "Fridays for Future" are shaking us up. This global attention as well as European and national legislative initiatives on circular economy and waste management shows that environmental protection and sustainability are becoming more and more important for printing companies as well. The demand for ecologically optimized print products is growing, internationally. Many leading brand owners, retailers and media companies are already self-committed to sustainability in the sense of a holistic responsibility and are intensifying their efforts to optimize their products in order to leave a positive ecological footprint in the future.
Taking print media (newspapers, magazines, catalogues, advertising supplements, ...) and packaging (food and non-food flexible Packaging) as examples, this presentation will show the contribution the printing ink industry is already making today to sustainability, technical and biological recyclability of printed products and the challenges the printing industry faces in the future. Starting with careful selection of raw materials to safe and resource-saving production and from the use of printing inks in print products to environmentally friendly recycling.