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touchpoint textile

Roadmap of textile printing

Session touchpoint textile



Thomas Poetz ESMA, Consulting - Business Development - Industry InkJet

We all know that certain industries are conservative, textile being one of them. Since the early days textile has had an extremely long and complex supply chain. Nowadays some steps are optimized, among them printing and confection. This is becoming more important in terms of sustainability, circular economy and other demands which rise around the textile world. Industry 4.0 is helping to move forward but also print technology is providing high levels of automatisation, personalisation and offer more possibilities for the customer. The roadmap will take a look at the emergence of digital textile printing in applications such as soft-signage, apparel, garment, sportswear, home textiles, fast fashion, as well as some new trends. Near shoring and online shopping are among the drivers behind the return of the textile industry to Europe in the coming decades. Technology and automatisation help to create the new sustainable dimension of textile printing.