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Print in a digital world - through intelligent linkage to return on investment

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Kristin Kain and Marco Kersch

Last month, Kristin Kain spoke with Tatjana Okutina about the difficulties that print products have from a brand owner's perspective versus digital tools.

But there are also good arguments in which print cannot be beaten. In the end, though, it should not be a competition between channels, but rather a meaningful combination of print and digital marketing in order to achieve the best customer experience and thereby generate an optimal ROI.

This is what Kristin Kain talks about in her second session with Marco Kersch, member of the management board of AZ Direct, the dialog marketing provider in the Bertelsmann Printing Group.

With examples and practical suggestions, he will share his many years of profound know-how in the field of customer experience and show which solutions service providers have to offer to link both worlds.


As Head of Product Management & Operations, Marco Kersch has been digitizing dialog marketing for more than 10 years, combining the offline and online worlds into a new whole.


Kristin Kain, as an innovator for print, has been connecting the world of communication decision-makers with innovative technologies and the printing industry for over 25 years.