16:0016:30 21. Apr 2021
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Exhibitor Web Session

Packaging Trends for a More Efficient Future


Marion Sicre Esko ׀ Brand Solutions, Marketing Manager


Stephen Kaufman Esko, VP Business Development & Strategy, Packaging & Color
Marion Sicre Esko ׀ Brand Solutions, Marketing Manager

In this webinar, we’ll discuss key trends and how to respond for a more efficient future. Topics include:

E-commerce in 2021 is even more frenetic than 2020. Packaging designers must be on the cutting edge of the newest trends to distinguish their brand’s product packaging. Creativity and innovation will be essential in capturing consumer interest and loyalty, and fully understanding what truly drives that loyalty is the key.

3D Capabilities
Standards and preferences in packaging have evolved. This evolution is forcing FMCG companies to find ways to deftly adapt to new and emerging trends. But it’s not just a matter of keeping up – it’s a matter of having the right resources and technology to move at the pace of the consumer. In particular, the expedited growth in e-commerce means that the use of 3D and virtual technologies will be a defining factor for successful packaging players.  

Connective Technologies
Companies that produce and handle physical products have had to pivot to meet an array of changes. One thing that remains constant is that most consumers still need to buy. What has changed is the way channels are used to source and deliver essential products. Now, consumers shop for many products online, giving way to the need for omnichannel consistency