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Opportunities for Digital Print In Product/Brand Protection with some Lessons from Security Print - PART II

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Inkjet as a print technology has become mainstream competing with screen litho flexo and gravure. It’s advantages have been clear and has typically been justified on its ROI (Return On Investment) for short run flexible workflow situations. However as we move to digital integrated workflows with non-contact printing, print becomes part of a process rather than a standalone operation and offers many more opportunities.

This is not to oversimplify the complexity and difficulties of inkjet printing (questions welcome) but to explore how digital print can become the key marketing tool, whilst become a key weapon in the fight against fakes, counterfeiting, grey market distribution and smuggling.

With examples from the security print market we will be examining how database integration, product identification and product authenticity verification all become part of the same process.
Instead of chasing the last dollar, print becomes part of the value of the item and can regain its crown in the marketing portfolio.

Part two on the 22nd will be covering the technologies and pitfalls in more detail.
Exploiting new digital print technology to bring value to the whole supply chain.
Sophisticated security print techniques can serve as consumer engagement models whilst offering brand/product protection.