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touchpoint textile

Make sustainability fashionable, make fashion sustainable

Session touchpoint textile


Elaine Campling Chemical Compliance Advisory Services Ltd, Director


Eric Beyeler DuPont, Marketing Manager Artistri®️ Digital Inks
Elaine Campling Chemical Compliance Advisory Services Ltd, Director
Dr. Simon Daplyn Sun Chemical, Product Marketing Manager
Dr. Outi Tunnela European Chemicals Agency, Scientific Officer

Despite a growing social trend for sustainability in the EU textile and fashion industry, Europeans are quoted as consuming on average 26 kg of textiles per person per year. Each item is reportedly used for a short period, resulting in 11 kg of textiles being discarded per person per year. A number of initiatives are being undertaken within Europe to address sustainability within the fashion industry. The European Green Deal , the Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) and the Industrial Strategy identified textiles as a priority sector in which the EU can pave the way towards a carbon neutral, circular economy. It is clear that an EU Strategy for sustainability within the textile industry is underway.