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touchpoint packaging

INSIGHT #GIFTING – Who buys what for whom and what role does packaging play?

Session touchpoint packaging


Claudia Rivinius STI - Gustav Stabernack GmbH, Marketing Director

The latest consumer study by STI Group sheds light on the question of ‘What makes my product a gift?’ from various perspectives. Individual product groups, gifting occasions and willingness to pay are all examined, alongside preferred retail channels for gift buying and of course the role of packaging. As well as similarities, there are some noticeable differences between German, French, Dutch and British gift shoppers. Would you have guessed that when it comes to gifts, men are more generous than women? Or that on average, British and French shoppers spend 40 to 50% more on the right gift than German or Dutch people? When a product is intended as a gift, packaging plays an important role. Optimal gift packaging is easy to recycle, preferably made from paper and cardboard, and must look high quality: shoppers across Europe agree on this much.