12:4013:10 21. Apr 2021
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Industrial Inkjet Printing for Decorative Polymer Surfaces


Jens Krebber OLBRICH GmbH, Director International Business Development and Marketing

The lecture will explain the advantages of the unique industrial inkjet printing technology that has been jointly developed by Ricoh and OLBRICH. Introducing the patented "wet-on-wet technology", it is most suitable for decorative products such as wall-coverings, decorative films, floor coverings, artificial leather and similar PVC-based products.
There is no need for specific ink reception layers, primer coatings or other pre-treatment of the printing substrate. The special ink is absorbed by and embedded in the freshly coated layer of wet plastisol. This single-pass technology is perfectly suitable for integration into existing industrial printing lines. It is furthermore available as a dedicated stand-alone printing machine, off-line or near-line.