16:3016:50 20. Apr 2021
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Food Safe Paper Packaging in Procurement and Print

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Dr. Tilo Herrmann Mondi Neusiedler GmbH, Head of Technical Customer Service
Mag. Stephanie Kienapfel Mondi Paper Sales GmbH, Team Lead Professional Printing
Dr. Martin Messner Mondi Frantschach GmbH, Head of Mondi Group Food Safety Laboratory

Good health is on everyone’s mind, now more than ever. Many areas of the printing and packaging industries are heavily regulated to protect the consumer. The requirements around food packaging are some of the strictest around and aim to avoid chemical, biological, physical and allergy risks.

Join this drupa session with Mondi’s food safety experts to learn about the key considerations when printing and converting packaging materials used for food. We will examine the materials used in packaging production, especially paper and ink, and discuss processes that must be observed when producing food packaging.

This session aims to give you a better understanding of the best materials to use for food contact packaging, which measures are needed and what certifications are required.