12:5013:10 22. Apr 2021
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touchpoint textile

Collaborative Networking for Textile On-Demand Production

Session touchpoint textile


Hervé Francois Mitwill Textiles Europe SARL, CEO

Mitwill Textiles Europe, founded 2013, is basing its activities on collaborative cloud-based proprietary IT platforms to develop print and garment collections for the fashion industry, serving from young designers and capsule collections to leading brands on the European market.

The design competence is based on a culturally diverse approach that networks with graduates from European textile design universities. The cloud platform, programmed by Mitwill based on open-source software ODOO, allows the building of print collections in an online co-working space since 2014. The software was enhanced to build a full suite of operational functions to manage sales and production up to and including textile print-on demand via an internet site (printcubator.net). Small lot production and rapid prototyping is done in a digital microfactory in Alsace, France, while industrial batches are monitored in a collaborative production partner network using the same Enterprise Operational System EOS. Currently a 3D garment simulation tool is being developped to combine the digital print archives with a virtual style library, as part of the EU ELIIT programme. The endpoint will be a digital fully integrated production flow from pattern-and-style-matching to prototyping and full garment production with a low carbon footprint.