17:3017:50 22. Apr 2021
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touchpoint packaging

A new Country launched every month?
DECATHLON unpacks its Secrets!

Session touchpoint packaging


Isabelle Billerey Rayel DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH, Business Development Director
Florent Lagant DECATHLON SA, Packaging Methods & Digital Chain Leader

How does this retail sports leader manage to conquer new countries with its range of high-quality, sustainable, and cost-effective products, when the packaging activities already cover all the value chain from the shop's desk to the pallet, for more than 50.000 SKUs from 95 brands?Welcome to complexity management with more than 2000 constantly evolving compliance rules in 40 languages!Welcome to resources management with a limited core team task force of engineers and designers!It would be best to have the right digital tools to avoid compliance breaches risks and automate your processes to free the teams from less value-added tasks.Of course, all that with more and more personalization, shorter product lifecycles, and sustainability consciousness.Join us to discover how Decathlon is a champion at this sport!