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The Fortuna Story

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Andreas Ruhe Morphoria, Art Director | Co-Founder
Marco Schmidt Morphoria, CEO | Owner

95 Olé - Sports branding that puts fans over investors.

In over 3,000 fan interviews and three years of work, the "Fortuna DNA" was created in the autumn of 2017. The new corporate design of Fortuna Düsseldorf is particularly distinguished by the typeface "Fortuna Fans", which was developed exclusively for Fortuna as the first custom typeface in professional football.

Both creatives will take a look into why football clubs are a client breed of their own as well as dealing with the pressures of pleasing ultra-passionate fans who may not necessarily think change is a good thing. Marco will outline the whole process of creating a sports brand from a designer’s perspective with all the low down on pitches, briefings, feedback and final results. Andreas will explain the details about designing the new corporate typeface of Fortuna Düsseldorf which had to establish the club's identity as well as meet the requirements for modern day typefaces. Furthermore they will be addressing ways of drawing inspiration from the highly analogue DIY fan culture where flags, fanzines and match day programmes are just as essential as the game itself. Typography Lovers, Marketers and Designers will learn about the challenges that come with creating an identity that after all needs to appeal to a fans heart instead of an investor’s wallets.

Refreshing a Familiar Face…the story of brand Fortuna