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R2R processing – Future applications beyond hardware for printed electronic –
Upscaling of processes from Lab to Fab


Andrea Glawe KROENERT GmbH & Co KG, Regional Sales Director

The market of Large Area Organic Printed Electronics is developing rapidly to increase efficiency and quality as well as to lower costs further. Applications for OPV, OLED, RFID, NFC and compact Printed Electronic systems are increasing. In order to make the final products more affordable, but at the same time highly accurate, Roll to Roll (R2R) production on flexible transparent polymer substrates is the way forward. There are numerous printing and coating technologies suitable depending on the design, the product application and the chemical process technology. KROENERT and their sister company COATEMA are offering coating, printing and laminating machines from laboratory to production fulfilling the requirements from the market. In all cases of Printed Electronics, customized machine solutions and processes are required, based on standardized advanced technology machine components.