16:3017:10 22. Apr 2021
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touchpoint textile

Panel Discussion – Digital Textile Micro Factory

Session touchpoint textile


Dr. Thomas Fischer DITF Denkendorf, Deputy Head Center of Management Research
Herve Francois Mitwill Textiles Europe SARL, CEO
Rolf Köppel Zünd Systemtechnik AG, Segment Manager Textiles
Diplom Wirtschaftsingenieur Stephan Kurz HP, Central Europe Sales Manager Large Format Production
Dr. Martin Lades Assyst GmbH, Director Product & Development
Alexander Mirosnicenko German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research - DITF, Scientist
Hans Peter Tobler Ergosoft AG, Chairman

The Digital Textile Microfactory developed by DITF is a concept for the virtual development und digitally networked production of personalised textiles and clothes. It consists of virtual design & simulation, colour management, printing, cutting and confection. Since almost 10 years it is a demonstrator and showcase of up-to-date technology. The panel discussion will focus on future developments, challenges and the role of the concept as a gamechanger towards nearshoring production.

Each Micro Factory station is efficient. Performance relies on customer’s integration. Ergosoft, 25+ year presence in digital print market, offer CMS, Textile RIP and automation to reduce cost by raising high quality and volume output. Several brand name printer manufacturers bundle their printers with Ergosoft software. Our consulting and support in digital printing helps the textile industry to improve quality and productivity. This allows to bring some of the business back to the local area.

Mitwill Textiles Europe is operating a digital microfactory since 2020, with reactive, pigment and sublimation printing capabilities and reactive finishing. Newest technology allows placed or double-face prints. The Microfactory allows Mitwill customers production of print samples for rapid prototyping, and quick printing of small lots of premium prints. The Microfactory is underpinned by a proprietary process software and a collaborative design platform of international Mitwill community designers.