12:3012:50 20. Apr 2021
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Operationalizing AI: How business derive value out of Artificial Intelligence

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Dr. Thomas Keil SAS Institute GmbH, Director Marketing

The danger in today’s AI discussion is that we confuse techno hype and business value – and that many lack the appetite or the application to really implement effective AI in their business and give up too early. In this session Thomas will give his perspectives on various aspects of AI and its value to the print marketplace. This session is ideal for delegates with a business focus who will gain an awareness of
- the differences between scientific reality and fiction
- explaining and addressing core concepts like “models”, machine learning, and analytics life cycle
- the cultural conflicts based on the possibilities of AI and digitization in general
- the potential of existing and available AI solutions.
Any responsible for digital transformation will benefit from this session – you don’t need to understand how to code and there won’t be an algorithm in sight! The main output of this session will cover the practicalities and value of the operationalization of AI and how to avoid being intimidated by the technology and not allowing ourselves to get obsessed with the innovation vision.