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touchpoint packaging

Data, data, and more data - A look at digitalization
in vertical markets and its impact on print and packaging


Christian Broel B. Braun Melsungen AG, Head of Product Information Management & Information Architecture
Jonathan Dropiewski priint Group, President/CEO, Americas

Many vertical industries and markets, such as the pharmaceutical and food, are among the fastest growing but also the most demanding packaging markets in the world in terms of the complexity of their requirements. The top priority in these industries is the 100% integrity and accuracy of professional and technical information, while also taking into account personal data as well as governmental, country and language requirements. All of this must be reflected in product packaging, as well as in the consistency of information in the other components such as package inserts, labels, outer packaging, etc. How can this integrity and delivery of the right information at the right time and in the right context for the production process be ensured? Learn from priint about the world of data and automated publishing that is essential to success for brand owners. We will also be joined by the Life Sciences company B. Braun in this insightful live web session. B. Braun belongs to the largest medical device manufacturers in the world and has won the 2017 Digital Transformer of the Year Award in the Life Sciences category.