14:0014:20 20. Apr 2021
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ColorNet: An artificial intelligence solution to manage brand colors on screen

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Anthony Dempsey Clemson University, Team Member
Mason Fox Clemson University
Jeremy Spooner Clemson University, Team Member
Dr. Erica Walker Clemson University, Assistant Professor

When watching sports on screen, fans recognize inconsistencies in their team colors. ColorNet is a University-based project where faculty and students are working to address this issue using artificial intelligence (AI). Our patented ColorNet prototype ingests live video, adjusts each frame pixel-by-pixel, and outputs color corrected video in real-time ensuring accurate brand colors without negatively impacting other areas of the frame. In this video, we introduce the problem, consider traditional solutions for color correction in video, and demonstrate how ColorNet addresses these challenges for Clemson University’s orange, Pantone 165, on sports footage. We also look at current challenges and future directions for applying AI in this context.