11:0011:20 22. Apr 2021
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Climate neutral printing and the business value of sustainability

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Nicole Brandl Mondi Paper Sales GmbH, Team Lead Office Papers, Portfolio and Product Sustainability
Roland Makulla oeding print GmbH, Sustainability Manager
Daniel Pointner ClimatePartner Austria GmbH, Sales Manager

Consumers, businesses and organisations are demanding sustainable products and services. Public awareness of climate change, and governments adjusting the law accordingly, intensifying this trend. And while the printing industry has been become more and more sustainable, there is still potential for change when it comes to its carbon footprint.

In this session, you will learn how your company, your products and services can become climate neutral, and how this can help create value for your customers and your business alike.

Mondi will share more than a decade’s worth of experience selling climate neutral products, reducing their carbon footprint and offsetting what cannot be avoided in production with the help of ClimatePartner. Make an informed decision about your climate neutral strategy based on this session!